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Since 2015

Developing Nutrition
with Science

With respect for our customers,  with care for the environment

"We manufacture protein, oil and organic fertilizer from Black Soldier Fly larvae for a greener and healthier future for everyone."

Nutrition Technologies manufacture and supply sustainable animal feed ingredients and biofertilisers, using a unique combination of biotechnology and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to recycle nutrients from agricultural and food processing by-products. Our insect-based products help feed the growing agriculture and feed industries around the world. These products are suitable for application in pet food, livestock and aquatic feed, and have a range of proven functional benefits which improve the animals’ health and growth.


We use ​a combination of beneficial microbes and Black Soldier Fly Larvae using a zero-waste production model to grow their insects, which are reared on clean and traceable agro-industrial by-products.  We have developed our own tropical production system which is not only low cost to build and operate, but also uses minimal energy and is a zero-waste process. This low-energy model means that our company benefits from a very low cost of production, but with the same high standards as any European or North American manufacturer, and is able to pass-on those savings to the customer. Our company currently ships industrial volumes of material throughout Asia & South America, from the two hectare factory in Malaysia.


Since starting the company in 2015 in Vietnam, the company has expanded and grown and now has their main production plant, laboratory and office at multiple sites in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, with supporting labs and offices  in  Vietnam and Singapore. 


Nutrition Technologies have developed research partnerships with key institutions throughout the region to develop our products and are conducting several feed trials on key consumer species. In their latest funding round in September 2022, we venture round raised US$20m, and secured investments from PTT, Sumitomo, INGSI, Mandala Capital, Hera Capital and Openspace Ventures.

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An overview of our Value Chain


Our Vision

To create a world that sustainably feeds itself through a circular economy.  

Our Mission

To mass produce high-quality, affordable insect products and pioneer new biotechnologies that enable a more sustainable agricultural sector.

Core Values

  • Quality

  • Sustainability and safety

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Innovation


By using predominantly wasted by-products as our raw materials, our production system significantly reduces the burden on our planet’s resources. 


Our Hi.Protein® provides a great alternative to fishmeal, which is produced from whole pelagic fish which are essential to sustaining our ocean’s health and biodiversity.   


Our Hi.Frass® is a great natural fertilizer and with its excellent microbial properties, helps restore soil health; boosts nutritional uptake in plants and crops; and helps sequester carbon back into the soil.


Our insect technology embodies a closed loop,  zero-waste system, which uses minimal amounts of energy and has a very limited burden on the environment. 

Benefits of our Value Chain


Our Team

Founded by Nick Piggott and Tom Berry, our team has been rapidly growing since 2015. The Nutrition Technologies team now comprises over 150 people of 11 different nationalities, all united behind the goal of making the world a better place, by improving the way the world feeds itself.

Our team consists of many specialists in their field of expertise, including entomologists, nutritionists, microbiologists, engineers and project managers.   

Our board of directors and board of advisors support the team with their depth of strategic experience and business expertise.


Company Locations


We strongly believe that rearing tropical insects should be done in the tropics. 


We are headquartered in Singapore, with operating facilities in Malaysia and Vietnam. 

Our next steps will be to further extend our production and R&D companies across Southeast Asia, as well as other tropical zones across the World.

Our Timeline



Thanks to everyone who contributed along this path to help us to get here. We will certainly go even further together.

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