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Vision. To be the leading provider in alternative solutions to address the world's protein deficit.

Mission. To provide sustainable alternative protein products and solutions to the feed industry globally.


Originally conceived as a solution to relieve the pressure on ocean fish stocks trawled for fishmeal, Nutrition Technologies was born in 2014 after reading FAO’s “Insects to feed the world” whitepaper... Read more 


Our multidisciplinary R&D team has developed our technology from the ground up, by designing a new system optimised for tropical climates... Discover more


We have a growing team of entomologists, business leaders, biologists and engineers, closely supported by an advisory board consisting of university professors, animal nutritionists, financiers and risk strategists...

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With the world's protein gap due to increase exponentially over the next few decades, we explain our solution as well as the with multiple additional social and environmental impacts... watch video

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We have worked alongside and been supported by a range of different partners and associations, who have helped the company to grow and develop... Read more