Our Journey

Our Story

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Originally formed as a solution to relieve the pressure on ocean fish stocks trawled for fishmeal, Nutrition Technologies was established in 2014 after reading Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s “Insects to feed the world” whitepaper, when founder Nick Piggott and co-founder Thomas Berry were working for the United Nations in Sierra Leone, West Africa.



Taking the idea back to the UK after six months of networking and researching, Nick had identified Southeast Asia as the ideal location to set-up production. The region offered vast aquaculture and poultry markets; an ideal climate for black soldier fly production. Early research quickly yielded promising results; harvesting the initial egg clutches from traps in the wild and rapidly growing the colony in the lab, the project moved into larger and larger premises developing more complex and comprehensive techniques.

During these first three years in Vietnam, we secured grant funding from the UK and Australian governments, building their scientific foundations.

Current situation

Then we opened the doors to out first commercial production site in March 2018, in Johor, Malaysia, before scaling-up to its second industrial facilities in 2019. Currently Nutrition Technologies produces high quality protein and oil for the animal feed and pet food sector and uses their co-products to formulate an organic fertilizer for the local agricultural market. Taking advantage of the abundant raw material supply and growing demand for high quality, traceable feed ingredients, Nutrition Technologies intends to grow its business in Malaysia, and expand throughout Southeast Asia.