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Industrial Biotechnology Magazine Nutrition Technologies, Catalyzing Innovation

January 2020

“Our main mission is to offer a price competitive sustainable protein and oil to the animal feed market and organic compost to our local agricultural industry”... Read More

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The hidden power of insect frass - Insect based fertilizer and biostimulant

October 2019

Insect production is about protein and oil, but it’s also about frass. At Nutrition Technologies we are currently leading research on the bioactive potential of our frass to produce insect based organic fertilizer... Read More

NT Team Nhon Muscle.JPG
Nutrition Technologies raises series A funding to build Southeast Asia largest insect factory

August 2019

We are happy to announce that we have raised Series A funding led by Openspace Ventures, and joined by, SEEDS Capital (an investment arm of Enterprise Singapore). ... Read More

Close up Martin speaking2.jpg
AFFIA workshop on "Insect protein for livestock, aquafeed and pet food applications" at VIVAsia 2019

March 2019

Martin Zorrilla, Nutrition Technologies’ CTO represented the Asian insect protein sector at VIVAsia 2019... Read More



M&G publish article by our CTO, Martin Zorrilla "Insectmeal: A revolutionary ingredient"...

March 2018

"Insects can be a feed ingredient”. Over the past decade this statement has gone from... Read More



Hive Life interviews COO, Tom Berry, on farming flies...

November 2017

Biotechnology company Nutrition Technologies explains how insect farming could change the way we eat...  Read More

Nutrition Technologies wins Tech4farmers...

September 2017

Nutrition Technologies are declared winners and fan favourites of the USAID backed Tech4Farmers Asia Challenge 2.0 Read more

How do you explain biotechnology to a 5-year-old?

December 2019

Humans have used living organisms to upcycle low value biomass into high value products for hundreds of years. In this article Joel Williams explains how Nutrition Technologies'... Read More

Nada presentation.jfif
World Seafood Congress 2019 - Potential of insect feed in Aquaculture

September 2019

For the first time, in september 2019 the World Seafood Congress was held in Asia, on the island of Penang in Malaysia. For the occasion, our R&D Manager Nada Dhaoui... Read More

Insect meal production is poised to rise as a major aquafeed ingredient

July 2019

With this new article in AQUACULTURE Asia Pacific Magazine, our CTO describes the impressive evolution of the insect sector in Southeast Asia. ... Read More

180919 BHC Offically Opens Factory (Phot

September 2018

The British High Commissioner for Malaysia, HE Vicki Treadall and IRDA Director for Economics and Investment, Mr Engku Kamel... Read More



Nutrition Technologies teams with Crops for the future for the FishPlus IFS Poject...

January 2018

The quest for a truly sustainable animal feed based on underutilised crops upcycled by insects... See More

Nick Piggott of Nutrition Technologies a
CEO pitches at global Fish 2.0 finals...

October 2017

CEO Nick Piggott pitches at the finals of the year-long multi-phased Fish 2.0 challenge in the USA. Read More



Oi Magazine investigates the buzz around black soldier flies...

July 2016

Saving the world through craft beer and black soldier flies...the story begins on a fishing trip...  Read More

Agri-Food Innovation Week - Insect Protein a key alternative for the future

November 2019

It was a pleasure to attend the Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore and discuss the use of black soldier fly larvae based products in the feed and pet food industry. We are grateful to all who came and... Read More

Aline presnetation.jfif
INSECTA 2019 - The Global Insect Industry is flying on its own

September 2019

In September we took part in the fifth edition of the international conference INSECTA. The conference aimed to give an overview into the latest technology and updates... Read More

Pontus eurastip.PNG
Aquaculture Research Partnership with Pontus Research – EuraStip Programme

April 2019

Through the EuraStip programme our R&D Manager Diep Dao recently worked on the use of Hermetia illucens larvae in aquafeed  ... Read More


August 2018

Foodnavigator interviews CEO Nick Piggott on future of insect-as-feed sector... Read More



International Aqaufeed publish article by CEO, Nick Piggott...

December 2017

Is flymeal the new fishmeal? Nick questions the fervour behind the new sector... Read More

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-22 at

New pilot factory opens in Malaysia...

January  2018

Nutrition Technologies begin their scale-up process with their first commercial production facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia... Read More