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Black Soldier Fly Hi.Protein Nutrition Technologes

Hi.Protein™ is a protein meal, derived from 100% black soldier fly larvae, with high levels of methionine & lysine. An ideal source of protein for fish, shrimps, chickens and pigs. Proven to improve growth & health metrics for a range of animals. Read more 

Black Solder Fly Dried Larvae

Hi.Dried black soldier fly larvae are an ideal feed for free-range chickens, ornamental fish, reptiles, birds and pigs. Comprising 100% whole larvae, each piece is dense in macro- and micro-nutrients, and their small size makes them an ideal feed... Read more 

Black Soldier Fly Frass

Returning nutrients to the soil, nature’s way. Our Hi.Frass is composed of 100% organic matter and is high in beneficial microflora, with typical NPK values of 2:1:2 and C:N ratio of 25:1. With highly bioavailabe nutrients it significant boosts growth.... Read more 

Black Soldier Fly Hi.Oil Nutrition Technologes

Hi.Oil™ is a 100% natural feed oil, high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), low in cholesterol, with zero trans-fats. An ideal energy source for piglets and chickens, your animals get all of the gut health benefits of MCFAs, with no added antioxidants or stabilisers... Read more 

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Freshly collected, still wriggling, live larvae. Our Hi.Live larvae are collected and shipped daily. Ideal for carnivores such as reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds, our live feed promotes the natural behaviour of your animals... Read more