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Research Assistant / Technician II


 $2,500 - 3,000 SGD per month 

- contract

About Nutrition Technologies

Nutrition Technologies is an innovative company producing insects as a sustainable protein source for the animal feed industry.  We use biotechnology methods in the rearing and breeding of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). Our primary product is an insect protein meal which can replace fishmeal in aquaculture feed and in doing so decrease the overfishing pressure and climate effects of those traditional feed sources. Nutrition Technologies has a commercial scale production facility in Johor Bahru Malaysia and is headquartered in Singapore where we are growing our R&D capabilities. The company is anticipating strong growth and rapid expansion over the next 12 months, and there is significant opportunity for development within the business. 


The Position: 6-month contract, with an option to extend (Singaporean & PR only)

You will be joining a new research team in an exciting new field at the intersection of Biotechnology and Insect rearing. While you will be a full-time employee of Nutrition Technologies much of your research work will be conducted with our collaborators at the National University of Singapore. This means you will work closely with highly qualified NUS researchers while also gaining the experience of a fast-paced startup environment. 


The first priority of work will involve collaborative research at NUS, School of Pharmacy conducting wet lab research on the topic of AntiMicrobial Peptides found in Black Soldier Flies. This will include chemical analysis and microbial lab work. Secondary roles will include assisting in NUS, Dept of microbiology and Immunology for a bacteriophage production project, and assisting research at NTU, SCELSE for microbial ecology work. Tertiary responsibilities may include travelling to Johor (transportation provided) and conducting live trials at the main factory. 

Place of Work

Your primary place of work will be the National University of Singapore within the afor-mentioned laboratories of our collaborators. Your secondary location of work will be within a co-working space (Just-Co, Cross Street Exchange location in Chinatown) which can be used for desk-research, report writing and coordination with colleagues. Additionally we expect Singapore based employees to routinely travel to Johor Malaysia (Company transportation is provided) to our commercial production and research facilities in Gelang Patah


The Research Assistant roles and responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research and analysing data using LC-MS and HPLC

  • Handling pathogens and conducting microbiology experiments

  • Writing protocols and scientific reports 

  • Conducting trials to intersect upstream lab research to factory scale development

  • Working independently and also as part of a team

  • Present research findings and participating in in group discussions 


Required Qualifications

  • Entry level position

  • A Diploma or BSc in a life science field

  • 2 years research experience in the field of microbiology and/or chemical biology

  • Proficient at excel, powerpoint and word

  • Proficient in English written and spoken language

  • Knowledge and skills for routine microbiology techniques (culture, dilution calculations, sterile technique, MIC assays, growth inhibition and killing activities)

  • Knowledge and skill for routine chemical analysis techniques (preparative HPLC, working of Mass Spec, analysing results, synthesising peptides using solid phase chemistry, preparative liquid chromatography) 

  • Foundational knowledge of using excel or equivalent for statistical analysis 

  • Understanding of the usage and interpretation of statistical methods

  • A creative thinker with excellent critical thinking skills 

  • Mission aligned: passion for innovation & sustainability 

You may send your application to with your CV/ Resume and any relevant background information on yourself that is not stated in your CV

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