Research & Innovation


Research and Development was our primary focus for the first two years of operation, and it continues to be central to what we do. Our production technology and insect-husbandry techniques were all developed in-house. This was facilitated by our initial partnership with the Research Institute for Biotechnology & the Environment (RIBE) which allowed us access to high quality facilities and researchers.


Our R&D agenda has focused on optimizing BSF production in tropical climates. We have developed a highly productive system with an exceptional input processing system that is capable of working with a wide range of by-product materials (we have tested and collected data on hundreds of tropical waste inputs).


Our research and development program is further strengthened by a council of technical specialists from prominent research institutions whose specialities include applied entomology, animal nutrition, and microbiology.


We have also worked with research partners around the world to test our products in first-of-their-kind aquaculture and animal feed trials.  We are proud to be on the cutting edge of insect feed production and hope to continue bringing new insights and innovations to the field.