Hermetia illucens larvae protein the sustainable & scalable answer to the protein crisis. 


Hermetia illucens well known as the black soldier fly, is the leading insect species used in the animal feed and pet food sector. Native from South America this species naturalized most of the world for 400 years. This friendly species is not pathogens for human nor a pest for agricultural crops and can be found all around the world, but are happier under the tropics where we operate and carefully listen to their willing. 

There are 120,000 species of flies, what is so special about this one?

Black soldier flies are generalists insects, which means they can eat almost any type of waste and convert it into valuable biomass. These flies are the least soldier-like soldiers, as their main survival mechanism is development speed and numbers. They grow quickly and lay many eggs in a short time. Finally, as they tend to not eat as adults, they have to accumulate protein and oil as larvae, which explains why they are so juicy and tasty! 


Their ability to convert organic waste into valuable protein and oil in a short time, in vertical farming systems using small amounts of land and water, make these flies the most effective species to fulfill the demand of sustainable and scalable production of protein and oil.

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What is the Black Soldier Fly?