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Insects are the way forward

We are a biotechnology company, determined to reintroduce insects into the global food supply chain. We  harness their natural potential as sustainable commodity ingredients for animal and plant nutrition.


We support global population growth, by disrupting the global food supply chain through the mass production of insect products as agricultural raw materials. 


We have a winning low-cost tropical production system that uses a unique combination of micro-organisms and black soldier flies to master the natural decomposition process of organic matter.     


We address several UNSDGs. Our proprietary system generates multiple beneficial environmental impacts, whilst minimising the burden on the world's natural resources.    

Discover our Insect Products

The most affordable and sustainable choice!

Manufactured from 100% Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Reared on clean and traceable agro-industrial by-products.


A high-value protein ingredient with multiple functional benefits that will enhance your animal’s health and performance.


Antimicrobial properties  

High digestibility 


Key amino acids

An organic biostimulant, rich in effective microorganisms, organic matter, and key nutrients. A natural way to decrease the use of chemical fertilizer and enhance soil quality and fertility.


Rich in BSF chitin


Packed with beneficial microorganisms


Improve plant growth performance


A health-promoting oil,  with an attractive fatty acid profile. This unique source of energy is ideal for monogastric species such as poultry and swine. 


Strong palatability


Rich in medium-chain fatty acids


Good source of omega 6

Combining the benefits of the Black Soldier Fly larvae meal and oil, it’s the perfect solution for direct feeding application.

Rich in protein


Rich in lipids

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Direct feed application

Tropical, low-energy, production system

Based in Southeast Asia, our production system takes advantage of an ideal tropical climate for Black Soldier Fly rearing and a strategic location for raw material supply and animal feed demand.

Action for a green future

Taking the pressure off the oceans by reducing the demand for overfishing;  upcycling organic waste and diverting wasted nutrients from landfills; and returning organic carbon to the soil. 
This is our story.

We care
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