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We offer sustainable insect-based solutions to support the global food supply chain.


We manufacture and supply sustainable insect proteins and oils to help feed the growing aquaculture, pet food and animal feed industries around the world.  We also offer insect-based organic fertilizers to the agricultural sector.


Our unique technology use's a high-tech combination of bacteria and insects to upcycle nutrients from vegetable and grain by-products and provide sustainable solutions to feed the world.

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A new sustainable source of feed ingredi
Nutrition Technologies Black Soldier Flies
A dedicated Team Pioneering the Black So
Live larvae image readjusted.png
Black soldier fly researches application
What's New...

Industrial Biotechnology Magazine 

January 2020

“Our main mission is to offer a price competitive sustainable protein and oil to the animal feed market and organic compost to our local agricultural industry”... Read More


How do you explain biotechnology to a 5 years-old ?

December 2019

Humans have used living organisms to upcycle low value biomass into high value products for hundreds of years. In this article Joel Williams explains how Nutrition Technologies'... Read More


Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore

November 2019

It was a pleasure to attend the Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore and discuss the use of black soldier fly larvae based products in the feed and pet food industry... Read More