We offer sustainable insect-based solutions to support the global food supply chain.


We manufacture and supply sustainable insect proteins and oils to help feed the growing aquaculture, pet food and animal feed industries around the world.  We also offer insect-based organic fertilizers to the agricultural sector.


Our unique technology uses a high-tech combination of bacteria and insects to upcycle nutrients from vegetable and grain by-products and provide sustainable solutions to feed the world.

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A new sustainable source of feed ingredi
Nutrition Technologies Black Soldier Flies
A dedicated Team Pioneering the Black So
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A new sustainable source of feed ingredi
What's New...
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June 2020

Insect Protein: The Future of Feed

Insect protein has taken centre stage in the search for alternative proteins in animal feed. The novel insect-protein industry has scaled production in recent years, with a growing number of new companies... Read More

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April 2020

Honorable Mention as Deal of the Year 2019

Nutrition Technologies alongside Openspace Ventures is proud to be Honorable mention as Deal of the Year 2019 in Asian-mena Counsel, magazine.... Read More


March 2020

COVID-19 Situation

Update from CEO : Everyone at Nutrition Technologies is taking the current situation with COVID-19 very seriously and wishes all our valued customers, partners and collaborators and the best during... Read More