...Returning Nutrients to the Soil, Natures Way


The black soldier fly's role in the ecosystem is to speed up the recycling of nutrients from organic material back into the soil. As such, the Hi.Frass our larvae create is a perfectly balanced soil conditioner/compost precursor.

  • Enhances the growth rate and yield of crops through its highly bioavailable macronutrients (NPK 2:1:2)

  • Reduces composting time. It is dry, crumbly & highly porous characteristics makes active composting is easy to manage and completed in just a few weeks (usually half the time of composting other organic waste).

  • Increases plan defences against pests. A high chitin content activates plant defences against insect pests

  • Improves soil structure and fertility. A high carbon content improves soil health over time (C:N is 25:1) 

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