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Nutrition Technologies, a biotech company headquartered in Singapore and operating in Malaysia, has announced Bunge Ventures, the for-profit principal investing arm of Bunge, as its new investor....


Exciting news for us at Nutrition Technologies, we have signed an MoU valued at over $100m with Sumitomo Corporation, for distribution of our products in Japan!


Nutrition Technologies CTO Martin Zorrilla presented at the Towards Sustainable Aquafeed conference in Thailand.

Martin's presentation on Insect meal: A functional and sustainable ingredient comes of age, is now available to view...


Malaysia's first sustainable dog food with black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) as an alternative protein source

Nutrition Technologies embark the birth of Malaysia’s first sustainable dog food using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) as an alternative protein source ...


Could Insects Play A Bigger Role In Our Food Supply?


There is an interesting source of feed for other farm animals that can’t use cellulose: Insects. Most people are not attracted to the idea of eating insects directly (although some cultures have included insects in their diets). A more ...

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Evonik and Nutrition Technologies work together to secure future food supply through insect protein proteins

Essen, Germany. Evonik and Nutrition Technologies, a Singapore-based manufacturer of insect-derived products, have agreed to jointly conduct a research and development project ..

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Study: BSF meal improves survivability, yields and FCR in shrimp diets


A study led by Singaporean insect meal producers, Nutrition Technologies, found performance gains from partial substitution of fishmeal with BSF meal in shrimp diets. 

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The importance of symbiotic relationships in biological systems

"We have developed a system that optimizes the symbiotic relationships between larvae and their microbiome...", 
declared the Co-CEO of Nutrition Technologies. Nick Piggott.


Research into producing cheaper animal feed

Livestock farmers say that one of their biggest expenses is the cost of the feed. If that can be reduced, the price of animal products – be it eggs, fish or meat – should also drop.


Industrial Biotechnology Magazine Nutrition Technologies, Catalyzing Innovation

“Our main mission is to offer a price competitive sustainable protein and oil to the animal feed market and organic compost to our local agricultural industry”...


INSECTA 2019 - The Global Insect Industry is flying on its own

In September we took part in the fifth edition of the international conference INSECTA. The conference aimed to give an overview into the latest technology and updates...


Agri-Food Innovation Week - Insect Protein a key alternative for the future


It was a pleasure to attend the Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore and discuss the use of black soldier fly larvae based products in the feed and pet food industry. We are grateful to all who came and...


Insects could be the next big feed segment, but only if it can find scale.

Foodnavigator interviews CEO Nick Piggott on future of insect-as-feed sector...


International Aquafeed publish an article by CEO, Nick Piggott...

Is flymeal the new fishmeal? Nick questions the fervour behind the new sector...


New pilot factory opens in Malaysia...

Nutrition Technologies begin their scale-up process with their first commercial production facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia...


Aquaculture Research Partnership with Pontus Research – EuraStip Programme

Through the EuraStip programme our R&D Manager Diep Dao recently worked on the use of Hermetia illucens larvae in aquafeed  ...


Founded in 2019 and based in Seoul, South Korea, BERG & RIDGE is a company that operates a pet supply store that produces a variety of products.


The company plans to release additional products such as car seats and to expand into health functional foods and skincare products that enhance immunity based on data-based pet health care sensors.

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UNGCMYB Sustainability Performance Awards!


Our Co-CEO Nick Piggott was awarded Sustainability Icon Award 2022, at the UNGCMYB Sustainability Performance Awards!


Insect meal has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion amongst nutritionists & formulators across a range of different sectors, but the uptake & utilisation of this novel material is still relatively modest. Why is that? 



Chief technological officer Martin Zorrilla of Nutrition Technologies, the company keen on incorporating phages into insect protein, said this ability comes from the fly's role in the food chain as a decomposer that thrives in ...

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Insect meal improves the survival rate and boosts performance in whiteleg shrimp diets

In order to assess the effect of locally produced insect meal, we ran a trial to identify what is the best inclusion rate of Hi.Protein® Black Soldier Fly (BSF) meal to partially replace the fishmeal ...


Nutrition Technologies will be showcasing advances in insect production 

Sustainable insect protein solutions are also explored for livestock feed and more. An exhibitor, Nutrition Technologies, is using black soldier fly larvae to convert organic waste ...


Nutrition Technologies Appoints New Chief Financial Office

Malaysia -- Nutrition Technologies announced today that Richard Hayler is appointed as Chief Financial Officer, effective April 5, 2021, to support Series B fundraising and beyond.


INSECT PROTEIN: The Future of Feed.

Insect protein has taken centre stage in the search for alternative proteins in animal feed. The novel insect-protein industry has scaled production in recent years, with a growing number of ...


The hidden power of insect frass - Insect based fertilizer and biostimulant

Insect production is about protein and oil, but it’s also about frass. At Nutrition Technologies we are currently leading research on the bioactive potential of our frass to produce insect based organic fertilizer...


Nutrition Technologies raises series A funding to build Southeast Asia largest insect factory

We are happy to announce that we have raised Series A funding led by Openspace Ventures, and joined by, SEEDS Capital (an investment arm of Enterprise Singapore)....


AFFIA workshop on "Insect protein for livestock, aquafeed and pet food applications" at VIVAsia 2019

Martin Zorrilla, Nutrition Technologies’ CTO represented the Asian insect protein sector at VIVAsia 2019...


M&G publish article by our CTO, Martin Zorrilla "Insectmeal: A revolutionary ingredient"...

"Insects can be a feed ingredient”. Over the past decade this statement has gone from...




Hive Life interviews COO, Tom Berry, on farming flies...

Biotechnology company Nutrition Technologies explains how insect farming could change the way we eat... 


Nutrition Technologies wins Tech4farmers...

Nutrition Technologies are declared winners and fan favourites of the USAID backed Tech4Farmers Asia Challenge 2.0


“Insect meal is a valuable source of micronutrients that are important for fish
health and performance. Insects are rich in a range of vitamins, minerals, and
trace elements, such as iron, calcium, and zinc. These nutrients are important
for a number of physiological processes in fish, such as...


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan 30 (Reuters) - As extreme weather and human activity degrade the world's arable land, scientists and developers are looking at new and largely unproven methods to save soil for agriculture.

One company is...


Aquafeed outlook 2023: Prices, novel ingredients and feed efficiency

In 2022, geopolitics took center stage significantly impacting the global economy. This, together with high inflation, has slowed down the recovery at a time when the industry continues to struggle to stabilize after the pandemic. In this context, ...


How An Insect And A Microbe Are Being Used To Upcycle Tropical Crop Waste Streams

In the process of generating the main component or components for which a crop is grown there are usually low value byproducts or even waste streams. One way to increase the sustainability of agriculture is to



Insect Pet Food - Pet World Nutritions announced a partnership with SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies

Pet World Nutritions announced a partnership with SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies, a manufacturer of sustainable ingredients for animal feed and pet food, to launch the first sustainable ...

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GPCA featured Malaysia-based foodtech Nutrition Technologies in the 2021 report

Founded in 2015, Nutrition Technologies’ mission is to introduce insects into the global food supply chain by harnessing their potential as sustainable commodity ingredients...


The European Union authorises insect proteins in poultry and pig feed

‘Our sector warmly welcomes this final step in the authorisation process of insect proteins in poultry and
pig feed [2]’, stated IPIFF’s President, Adriana Casillas.  

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Nutrition Technologies raises additional funds to prepare for the next stage 

Singapore-based agrifood tech company Nutrition Technologies opens its first industrial-scale insect protein factory in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia. 

Since 2014, the company has been using black soldier flies to turn low-grade food waste ... 


Honorable Mention as Deal of the Year 2019

Nutrition Technologies alongside Openspace Ventures is proud to be Honorable mention as Deal of the Year 2019 in Asian-mena Counsel, magazine....


World Seafood Congress 2019 - Potential of insect feed in Aquaculture

For the first time, in september 2019 the World Seafood Congress was held in Asia, on the island of Penang in Malaysia. For the occasion, our R&D Manager Nada Dhaoui...


Insect meal production is poised to rise as a major aquafeed ingredient

With this new article in AQUACULTURE Asia Pacific Magazine, our CTO describes the impressive evolution of the insect sector in Southeast Asia....


British High Commissioner for Malaysia and IRDA Director Officially Opens New Factory

The British High Commissioner for Malaysia, HE Vicki Treadall and IRDA Director for Economics and Investment, Mr Engku Kamel...


Nutrition Technologies teams with Crops for the future for the FishPlus IFS Project...

The quest for a truly sustainable animal feed based on underutilised crops upcycled by insects...


CEO pitches at global Fish 2.0 finals...

CEO Nick Piggott pitches at the finals of the year-long multi-phased Fish 2.0 challenge in the USA.


Oi Magazine investigates the buzz around black soldier flies...

Saving the world through craft beer and black soldier flies...the story begins on a fishing trip...

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